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There is really no reason right now for us to shut down this site, so you can still come here for episode descriptions, but all episode download links and show information can now be found in all entirety at

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Episode 7 – Medical Marijuana

Episode 7!

No Karen this episode, but we think our guest is so interesting that you won’t mind. Our guest this episode ‘Raj’ requested that we not identify him by name or picture, but had more than a few things to say about Medical Marijuana. He is a christian man who is also a medical marijuana caregiver and he gives his perspective on distributing the drug and the legality of it.

Unfortunately, he had to go earlier than we had hoped, but we plan on having ‘Raj’ back on for a second episode. If you form any questions or comments during this episode, send them our way on twitter or facebook so that we can pass them along next time we have ‘Raj’ on our show. Enjoy!

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Episode 6 – Single Mom

Here it is, Episode 6!

During the month of April, Dinner With Sinners is running a series on young modern christian parents. Our guest for the second episode in this series is Ciara, a single mom who talks about the experience of raising her son.

Ciara has been a friend of the hosts for a long time now and we were glad to have her on the show.  Enjoy!

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Episode 5 – Shotgun Wedding

Sorry everyone for being a day late with this upload. We were all working hard into the early morning hours getting this ready for you. Unfortunately long rendering times delayed the release until now.

This month, Dinner With Sinners will be starting a series on young modern christian parents. Our guests for the first episode in this series are Matt and Rachel, two young parents who tell the joys and trials of parenthood.

Hope everyone enjoys this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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Episode 4 – Church Ministry

Thanks everyone for being so patient with this upload! This episode is being released as early in the day as humanly possible.

This week on Dinner with Sinners, Marc and Andrew are joined by Karen, Andrew (another one), Victoria and Matt. Hijinks ensue!

This episode was a sort of round table discussion where we all talk about a common church ministry that we all take part in. Its guaranteed to please!
This episode was recorded on 3/10/13


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Episode 3.5?!

Today’s episode got delayed!  =(

Not because we wanted to delay it though. Its recorded, rendered and ready to upload, but our hosting service hasn’t given us our allotted space yet for us to upload it. So what that means is that now DWS will be releasing next week and every two weeks after that. Pushing our release date back a week will prevent these delays from happening in the future. If you like, you can read below as to why exactly our release date got pushed back, otherwise just click the listen now link to hear a teaser for episode 4.

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Delay explanation:
Libsyn is a cool hosting site because they give you 250mb a month to upload podcasts. What they hide in the fine print is that they release every mb you use exactly 30 days after you use them. The reason this is a problem is because when we signed up for their service, we had already recorded 2 episodes with a third on the way for the first month. Each episode that we’ve recorded has been somewhere around 60-80mb each. So when we first signed up, we instantly used 140mb and our third episode used another 80. Now until they release the first 140 that we used a month and a few days ago, we have to wait to upload our next episode. The good news is that once they release those mb back to us, we should be on track to release one approximately hour long episode every two weeks. Yay!